Monday, January 1, 2018


I made a YouTube video (aside from the one I filmed 4 years ago...). Or more like 8. Seven are published already and I've actually had more viewers than I would have thought given the fact I haven't done anything besides tweet the links (which creates no traffic that I can tell) and put my page link in my Instagram bio. I posted one Instagram post when my videos became monetized but, aside from that, nada for promotion. So I'm pleasantly surprised. Even if I only get 1 view per video, I'll be happy because then I didn't create it for nothing, but of course I'm hoping for more. My goal right now, to start, is to get 10 views per video and I've been achieving that and more so I'm really, really happy with how everything is starting.

Here's my YouTube link, btw:  BareBohemianBeauty 
Please go check it out and subscribe and view at least one video. The newer ones are better, of course. The one I posted this morning is my favorite so far. I do one take videos to eliminate editing, but I think that might change down the road. I just need to get a newer laptop. My MacBook won't update past 10.6.3 so my camera won't work with it. Boo to that... Anyway, a stop by and a subscription to my channel would be beyond greatly appreciated!! I will love you forever. And please comment below if you did stop by. I'd love to know who is seeing my content!

So I have a list in my notes on my phone of videos I want to create and I just posted a video this morning that I had scheduled because I was ahead. I already have one ready to post in two days so anything I film in the next couple of days will be more pre-filming. Which makes me really, really happy because I'm usually a procrastinator but I'm ahead of the game. And I'm having sooooo much fun creating content for the page that I have a feeling it will be more than a hobby, it will become an obsession. Kind of like writing. I wrote over half of my first book in just a few days, I was on such a roll! I get into something and I REALLY get into it. So yeah, that's my update.

Things need to be done around the house -- it's truly a complete disaster because I'm moving, slowly but surely. I have stacks of boxes in the living room and beauty room / library and my goal is to get through one towering stack a day. Kind of a lofty goal but I'm going to try. I took down the Christmas tree and all the decorations yesterday (except for the mistletoe because I can't reach it hahaha) and I organized the front coat closet and shoe area. I wonder what I'll get into today. Probably dishes. We have this bad habit of not unloading the dishwasher so the dirty dishes pile up in the sink instead of going into the dishwasher, where they should go. We really need better habits around here. It would make life so much easier. Especially since I haven't been feeling well lately at all.

Yeah, I'm not sure what's going on but I'm seeing my rheumatologist later this month and I'm super excited for the appointment because I haven't been in this much pain in years. And I can hardly do anything without getting super fatigued. I slept around seven hours last night but I know I'll have to take a nap later today. It's just so frustrating because I have the drive to do things, I just cannot physically do them. But enough of the pity party. I'm signing off so I can go get something else accomplished.

Peace out! xx

Friday, August 18, 2017

I'm Back! 4 years later!!!

Time to revamp and actually use this site. I will be deleting/changing posts from years ago and beginning to use this regularly. I'm super excited to be blogging again. As an author, it used to be a daily thing for me. But this platform is completely different and fun so I'm interested to see what I can do with it.

Have to run off right now, but I'll post more info soon!

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Break-up, Goodwill Shopping, Instagram & More!

So I put the Welcome // Get to Know Me video up. I had to cut it in half and I haven't yet uploaded the haul. I'll probably get a tutorial up that is basically finished (re: editing) before I tackle a fifteen minute video to being editing.

What I've really been doing lately is living on Instagram.
Making and saving pictures. Lots of pictures.

I've felt pretty down about some things and my emotions are just back & forth and up & down. I went to therapy today, which helped. I was running late, like usual, which didn't help. But then I went to Goodwill and there was this thing you could sign up for and it cost $5 -- normally I don't like those kinds of things, but they mail you $60 in coupons over the next year and for today, your purchase was half off. So I walked out of there with TONS of stuff for about $45.

I'm a big Goodwill person. I tend to find a lot of things there. I walked all the way around the store and found things like baskets to go on these shelves I have on the 3rd floor (that I'm still moving into) and I found a curling iron that was the size I've been needing. What I was really surprised to find was one of the 3-barrel waving irons. I'm not the biggest fan of them but I haven't owned one in over a decade. When I moved out of one apartment, I actually threw away the one I had bought and I've been kicking myself ever since, but I wasn't about to buy a new one and try to see if I could figure out a better (correct) way to use it. But for a buck fifty, sure!

So I'll be trying out different curls with these new sizes I have.
I also did my makeup differently today than I ever have before. It surprises me how I just kind of randomly keep doing new things. I mean, I'm not super young (like 16 or even 22) so you'd think I'd have learned it all by now. But I haven't. And I learn by teaching myself -- simply by doing what seems like it will work. It's really weird. But I guess if that weren't the case, I wouldn't have the YouTube channel, right?!

Speaking of, here's the link to the first lonely video that's there::

Also, I need to finish my post about why I titled my blog and my channel what I did.
Why I chose the word "bare." There are so many definitions and synonyms for the word and I just think it explains me so well.

The problem is that the depression part of my bipolar is coming out a bit, it seems like.
And my anxiety is pretty bad lately.

I did miss therapy last week, which is something I almost never do. And I missed my mindfulness group so on Tuesday (a couple of days ago), I had to start playing "catch-up." Then, even though therapy was good, it wasn't on track with what we've been trying to do ... it was also a session of filling her in on what's been going on.
Which is a lot. One thing is a break-up and I'm not even sure how I feel about it. I'm really not. It probably wasn't going to work in the long run anyway, but we both wanted it to. Until we didn't. And that changed overnight all the time. (Not really on my end, though.)

So I kind of had a bipolar relationship for the past year, along with having the disorder myself and the end of it was MAJORLY CLIMACTIC, leaving me with feelings to sort through. We won't talk again, after a few pieces of property are exchanged. I do know that for a fact. So that's really odd to me. I don't quite know how to process.

What I've been trying to do is organize everything. If I can't control all these crazy external things, I'll all least get all this paperwork and crap in order.
There's actually an 
Anaïs Nin quote about that ... I should try to find it.....

Anaïs Nin > Quotes > Quotable Quote

Anaïs Nin

“When I cannot bear outer pressures anymore, I begin to put order in my belongings...As if unable to organize and control my life, I seek to exert this on the world of objects.”

                         ― Anaïs Nin

I just found it on Goodreads. And I suppose that's it for now. I have nothing exciting to say and my kiddo is home and we're going to pick out a movie and figure out dinner. Also, I have a picture I want to create using this quote -- so I can put it on Instagram.
Speaking of Instagram, partly because of the weird break-up I just experienced, the actual real JAMES FRANCO (my girl's future step dad!) started following me.
He has close to a million followers but only follows between 1,600-1,700 people. I'm not sure what the count is now, but I was NUMBER 1,611!!!!!!!!!
It was one of the happiest experiences of my life.
If I  remember, I'll write a post on it. Or more like, if I get around to it. I am keeping a list of blog and video ideas and there are just sooooooo many. The curse of being a writer and having a zillion ideas pop into your head throughout the day :P

Peace and love,
-- Amy*

(not proofing this right now but I'll come back and do it, so just ignore typos and wrong words, please. this isn't my author blog so i don't feel obligated if i have other things to do right now.)

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Filming my "Welcome to MY CHANNEL!!!" Video

Yay! So it's dark thirty ... not really, not for a couple of hours, but midnight thirty didn't sound just right.

I'm up on the 3rd floor -- my domain that is a wreck if you've EVER seen one. I'm going to spend the wknd getting books and clothes put away and then get my bed up here and then see what's left that I want to keep or get rid of! Oh yeah, I need my bed, too. (This shows JUST how with it I am not. After .03 seconds I already forgot that I'd mentioned my bed. Freaking "lupus fog," "fibro fog," "depressive state" -- whatever you want to call it... Wow...) Right now there's just a loveseat and, even thought I'm short and the length isn't bad for me, it's not a memory foam mattress by ANY stretch of the imagination.

Not much to say in this post. When I'm done and have it edited and up on the YouTube (yes, I meant to say "the"), I shall return and either embed or put the link. I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna make all that work yet.

Last night I set up a tumblr account. I just know my username is: BareBohemianBeauty ... so I'm assuming you can find me that way since usernames are how I found my first three blogs they made me follow. All right, I found my page and put it up into the name at the top of this paragraph. It's boring right now but I'll get around to doing more with it.

If you're wondering ('cause I Know you are Haha) who I chose to follow, I picked Kalyn Nicholson -- I haven't watched a ton of her on YouTube, but what I have seen I really really like. The next choice was Kandee Johnson, since she was the first "beauty guru" I ever watched -- it was a couple of years ago and I watched her video on how to conceal undereye circles ... seems no one but her does it the way that really works; everyone does the Kim Kardashian thing -- not that I know a thing about that girl. I don't know who's who in that family and I'm not ashamed! After I learned her trick, I subsequently forgot YouTube even existed until v.recently... My third choice was the adorable and sweet as can be Alison Henry because she's most definitely an artist and I love her pets and her hair! (YAYYYY -- I just received an email saying she uploaded a new video. That'll be my incentive to get mine filmed, at least. Then I can crawl in bed and watch what she has to say or show :))

Okay, enough writing. If I keep doing this, I'll go one all night (morning) and I'll never get to sleep and I have to be up at 7. Yikes!!!

Except for I forgot one more thing. Story of my life :P
My Instagram account  ←Click there to get to it. It's about the most personal I will be since I don't think I'm going to make my Facebook account available for anyone other than friends I feel I maybe know a little bit. I have two accounts, though, and one doesn't have that many friends so I may open it to everyone or I may turn it into a fan page. We'll see.

For now you have this page, my YouTube channel, my tumblr, and my Instagram ... so I'm thinking that's enough because I do NOT want to bite off more than I can chew!

I have a signature I adore on my author blog -- I'm thinking I need to come up with one for this blog. Maybe this coming week sometime, since I'll be busy tomorrow watching HomeFront with my future husband, James Franco ... well, I won't be watching it WITH him, but he's in it. And Jason Statham is sexy as hell. I've loved him for years! Then after that I'll be making the 3rd floor work for me so I can spend more time up here and away from everyone else who lives here. We all need our space, as much as I love 'em.

Guess that's it for now!

Oh, wait ... I have a bit of a preview of my video. I am doing a haul to make the video worth watching (I have no clue what I'm actually going to say..) and I took a picture earlier of one of the things I bought today at Target::

I needed some new slippers and I'm LOVING these Hello Kitty ones I found!